Spider Web TV

Live Events

Spider Web TV gives the customer the medium of web tv to promote their product.

Specialising in event webcasting, spider web tv will film your event and webcast it live across the internet through a dedicated website. With a Global audience for all your sponsors this form of medium will allow anyone to watch it live from anywhere in the world. This is the exposure the commercial TV stations won’t give you. Our staff will come to your event with a vision and mixing desk and a dedicated server with as many cameras as you need to cover your event. We can even provide professional presenters to promote your event. Your sponsors can have their own advertising mixed in with the live video. Its the best way to promote and expand your audience and give greater exposure to your event. Contact us now to find out more.



Your corporate announcements and promotional videos webcast live across the internet through Spider Web TV.             

Reach a global audience. The next generation of video conferencing. Live rich video from the laptop to the board room you’re connected wherever you are.



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